Our Story

My wife and I just relocated back to New York City after having spent the last 3 years in sunny Los Angeles. We fully adopted the LA lifestyle of being outdoors as much as we could, while also living that bi-coastal lifestyle and traveling back and forth from LA to NYC at least once a month. Our range of workouts in LA included bootcamps, spin classes and a variety of HIIT classes and we realized one thing - that we were always sore the day after a workout and it took us 2-3 days to recover. Pile that on with the long flights from coast to coast each month and we realized our bodies were in some desperate need of recovery. Almost ALL of our workouts ended with just a 2-3 minute stretch session, which wasn’t nearly enough to give our bodies the recovery it needed.


We found a stretch studio that became a part of our weekly fitness routine. What a difference it made to go get professionally stretched before and after our workouts. We recovered faster from workouts, performed better and felt like “brand new” after every stretch. We even went for a stretch before and after every bi-coastal flight, which made it that much easier to run through the airports and recover from the long journey.

After moving back to NYC and not having a stretch studio close by, we felt that was the one thing that was missing, so we’ve opened our own studio focused on providing stretch AND recovery therapies. We’re doing it bigger and better than the West Coast by personalizing each and every stretch to our clients bodies and needs.


We’re here to help our fellow New Yorkers excel through their busy lives with Stretch Relief.